The Steam Store can be frustrating to browse, as they often are too gratuitous with their tagging system. To ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for, browse this list of the best dating sim PC games on Steam. PC Building Simulator is here and it’s more satisfying than we could ever have predicted. There’s something very soothing about taking on a small PC business and simply sorting everyone’s hardware problems, one rig at a time.

The Best Dating Sim Games on PC

Here players take the role of a character that’s had enough of the bustling city life and decides to spend their time fixing up their grandfather’s old farm. Here players are then spending most of their time pulling weeds, tilling the lands, laying down crops, and maintaining their livestock. All your potential suitors are also dads – and each has their own unique persona. There’s the sporty dad, the goth dad, the bad dad… which one you want to romance is up to you. With seven to choose from, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Dream Daddyis filled with beautiful art and excellent voice acting – and we challenge you not to fall in love with each and every one of these dads on offer.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 2nd Kiss

Like in Sachiro’s route, they were possessed (??), in Junoru’s route they were zombies, and the explanations don’t really complement each other very well so I was a bit confused. Visit our PC Gaming Week 2020 page to see all our coverage in one place. Takes that concept to new levels by letting you date your weapons. There are nine different bladed weapons, each able to transform into a very beautiful person with their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Players will make their way through various dungeons to earn cash and find treasure so you can take your sword on dates. New to F is the ability to create and manage your own F1 team down to the last detail.

Catherine is another game by Atlus that is based around relationships. In the game, you meet three girls with the same name but different spellings. Each girl has a different personality and the main character Vincent has to choose whether to stay with his current girlfriend, Katherine, or go with the fun Catherine or the caring Rin. Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel that deals with school life.

#9 Persona 4 Golden

The game is a side title published in 2010 by Steins;Gate. Unlike him, he is not a science-fiction thriller, but a typical romantic comedy in which the protagonists of the original play the main roles. A narrative FMV adventure game and a sequel to Five Dates.

Monster Prom is colorful, cartoonish, and far more than a click-through adventure. You have to try your hardest if you want to score a date, and even then there’s a high chance of rejection. As dating sims are usually single player only, one of Monster Prom’s best features is the multiplayer option.

The Persona series is known for its blend of stylized turn-based RPG action mixed with life sim elements to create a unique gaming experience. The game revolves around using all sorts of creatures as you battle against supernatural forces. Originally released in 1996, Sakura Wars features a mix of tactical role-playing mechanics with some visual novel dating sim elements to provide its own distinct experience. In this unique spin on the dating sim genre, players will arrive at the town of Rainbow Bay, where they’ll adopt a dog to care for and mingle with other fellow pet owners. Helltaker is a free game that combines elements of adventure, arcade and puzzle game. The player impersonates a young man who goes to hell to flirt with demonic girls.

Then Thief Simulator by Noble Muffins isn’t the game for you. But if you’re just a regular normie dreaming of a life of villainy, then this open-world burglary simulator may be just what you’re looking for. The characters were amazing, with everyone having different personalities and histories. You slowly realize the bad guy had their reasons and nobody’s completely bad or good throughout the game. My favorite was Junoru, His personality is really fun and his story is very well through out. Though I loved how cute Sachiro was, so at the end of it all they balance themselves off, truthfully more to the positive side since I love Junoru and Sachiro.

Uncharted tells a long-form story of love, rife with the ups and downs and uncertainty of all lasting relationships. While the first two games also have solid romance features, The Witcher 3finally brings Yennefer into the picture, complicating Geralt’s and Triss’ relationship. A sorceress, Yennefer, was mentioned in the first two games as a love interest in Geralt’s past life, but he had no clear memory of her. They share some serious history, enough to make your choice between her and Triss pretty difficult. His childhood sweetheart, River, died a few years earlier after what was seen as an unhappy marriage. As the game hops in and out of space and time, working backward through Johnny’s life with River, we get a much clearer understanding of Johnny’s odd desire to reach the moon.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to meet that special someone…and file their tax return. To ensure you get the game of your choice at the lowest price possible. From old-school classics to modern AAA titles, there is something for everyone to play here.

Building your own Disneyland or Universal Studios has never been this much fun as you craft the park of your dreams from the flowerbeds up. It can be a little intimidating for first time players as there’s just SO much to get to grips with as you build, organise and staff your park. But once you’ve got the basics, Planet Coaster feels limitless.

The cleverly-titled Hooked on You is, you see, a dating sim based on the 4V1 horror game Dead by Daylight, giving you the chance to date one of four eligible, um, killers. Instead of literally hooking you on a meat hook and sacrificing you to the entity, in this game, the DBD killers are all trying to capture your heart – that is, at least, until you turn them down. Alan fruzo Wen is a freelance journalist writing about video games in the form of features, interview, previews, reviews and op-eds. Another visual novel you might find of interest is Everlasting Summer. This game is centered around an ordinary young man named Semyon. One day when Semyon falls asleep on a bus during the dead of winter, he awakens to a hot, bustling summer.

Customize your profile, make friends, create relationships or break them. Create your own online persona with many conversation options and multiple endings. One is an adventure mode that allows players to interact with other characters and earn their trust, which will come into play as their relationships change throughout the game.